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General Physician

General practitioners (GPs) have knowledge of a broad range of illnesses and diagnose and treat patients of all ages. Our General Physician and Diabetic Specialist: Dr. Lily Rodrigues To Know more about Dr. Lily Rodrigues. Typical responsibilities include: patient consultations at home and within the…

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Special Treatment

Critics of VIP treatment for wealthy or influential hospital patients argue the practice hurts both the providers themselves and their other patients, and to effectively do their jobs, hospital leaders and workers must resist pressure to treat such patients differently. As medical tourism gains popularity,…

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Laboratory Test

Laboratory tests check a sample of your blood, urine, or body tissues. A technician or your doctor analyzes the test samples to see if your results fall within the normal range. The tests use a range because what is normal differs from person to person.…

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Hospital medicine is a medical specialty that exists in some countries as a branch of internal medicine, dealing with the care of acutely ill hospitalized patients. Internal physicians whose primary professional focus is caring for hospitalized patients only while they are in the hospital are…

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